Molo Progressive News Digest Vol. 7 molo-progressive-news-digest-vol-7

Jarida la Maendeleo Molo Toleo la 7 jarida-la-maendeleo-molo-tol-7

Molo Progressive News Digest Vol. 6 molo-progressive-news-digest-vol-6

Jarida la Maendeleo Molo Tol. 6 jarida-la-maendeleo-molo-tol-6

Molo Progressive News Digest Vol 5 Eng molo-progressive-news-digest-vol5

Jarida la Maendeleo Molo Tol. 5 Kiswahili jarida-la-maendeleo-molo-tol-5

IDPs Digest Vol. 4 English idp-digest-vol4


IDPs Digest Vol. 4 Kiswahili idp-digest-vol-4-kiswahili  


 -IDPs Digest Vol. 3 English idps-digest-three

IDPs Digest Vol. 3 Kiswahilikiswahiliidps-digest-vol-3

 -IDPs Digest Vol. 2 kiswahili-digest-vol-2-final
-IDPs Digest Vol. 2 English idps-digest 2

-IDPs digest vol 1 idp-news-digest1

-Miscc Report 1

Book Project Concept book-project-concept-2008

Molo Progressive News Digest Vol. 7

Financing Strategy /Proposal Writing Workshop between 25th-27th March 09

MISCC organized a Financing Strategy/Proposal writing workshop between 25th and 27th March 2009.  This came as a recommendation from the Staretgic Planning Workshop held earlier in February Read more..molo-progressive-news-digest-vol-7

Molo Progressive News Digest Vol. 6

…Activities by other players

Over 2400 farmers have benefited from the assistance offered by the Agribusiness tractors and this service continues to those who have not.Read more molo-progressive-news-digest-vol-6

Molo Progressive News Digest Vol. 5 

..Evolution of the initiative ….….gradually but steadily evolved into a consortium of civil society players in Molo district promoting peace and development.  Consequently a number of its organs and structures changed since 1st July 2008 to accommodate the extra roles and responsibilities… read more  molo-progressive-news-digest-vol5

IDPs Digest Vol. 4

…..School’s Visits

MISCC conducted visits to Moto, Kambala, St Mary’s Boys and Tayari primary schools to follow up support given to the schools to construct desks. The MISCC team found out that the desks were ready and being used by pupils enhancing sitting condition and learning environment….. read more idp-digest-vol4 

 IDPs Digest Vol. 3

 … Kenyatta AIPCA camp lost one member namely Eunice Wanjiru Kanyungu who was from Dagoreti Nyakinyua farm on 4th April. She was buried on 10th April 2008 at the Molo Cemetery.

On 4th April, Mundi aged 6years was taken to the KAG camp after having collapsed in St Mary’s Boys Primary School by Mr Mburu and Mr Njogu. The boy who is said to be an orphan lost his parents in the post election violence and he was under the care of his elder brother who was said to have left him a fortnight earlier. He collapsed of hunger

A skirt worth Kshs 700 was reported to have been stolen while it was drying at the fence in the SDA camp on 8th April. ………… more of idps-digest-three

 IDPs Digest Vol. 2
…Health and hygiene
Children aged 5 years and below received immunization from the Ministry of Health conducted by the Molo District Hospital who offered medical services. Among the camps that benefited from the service were Molo Saw Mill, PAG, Charismata and Good News. PAG camp received dental services from the Ministry of Health. MAP International offered medical services to IDPs in Good News, KAG and SDA.MAP further constructed bathrooms; gave litter disposal bins, mosquito nets, hand gloves and brooms to be used for cleaning toilets. A total of 184 nursery school children from Charismata, KAG, SDA and PAG camps were shaved on various dates between 14th and 28th March 2008, a service rendered by NECOFA–Kenya….read more……

 IDPs Digest Vol. 1

Between 29th February and 14th March 2008 different stakeholders supplied food and other supplies to IDPs in various camps in Molo. The
stakeholders included World Vision, UNICEF, Kangethe and Social reforms, Molo District Hospital, Red Cross, Kenya Assemblies of God, Undugu Pamoja,GTZ, NECOFA and individuals like Mr. Wataka. The supplies
included: food items i.e. maize and maize flour, Nutritive porridge flour/Uji Mix and beans. Other supplies: kitchen ware, clothes, energy saving cooking stoves, tents, mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, sanitary towels, and bars of soap. The beneficiary camps included Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG), Full Gospel Church, Pentecostal Assemblies of God and Good News

…read more…

Miscc Report 1
Molo IDPs Support Coordination Committee (MISCC) appreciate the effort by the Government, the Red Cross and other players. The work to provide food and services to the IDPs has been demanding and as a result, Red Cross in collaboration with some volunteers within Molo camps came up with an idea of recruiting a camp manager at each camp to facilitate organization and management of the camps.

 With the recent influx of people fleeing their farms, the need to streamline relief distribution and management of camps has been identified to ensure there is efficiency in addressing the needs of the IDPs. Consultation among the camp managers, clergy, Network for Eco-farming in Africa (NECOFA), Mau Community Forest Association (MACOFA) and Red Cross has been done to explore the best options to improve IDPs support delivery mechanism. …read more of miscc-report 1….

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