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p>Network for Ecofarming in Africa (NECOFA)

NECOFA is a membership organization that brings together like-minded people in research, training, community development, extension services (private and government) and the private sector for the common purpose of promoting Ecofarming: Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Land Management.

NECOFA is committed to empowering communities to rediscover themselves and to scale-up and scale-out the positive values of sustainable development, which is based on minimum external inputs and respect for biodiversity, rich social cultural heritage, dignity, pride, and confidence. These ideals put men and women at the centre while laying a strong foundation for the youth and future generations.

In Kenya, NECOFA is registered as a community-based NGO (Reg: No. OP 218/015/2003/017/2650) that serves Makueni (Eastern Province), Kilifi (Coast Province), Molo, Baringo, and Nakuru (Rift Valley Province).

Contact information:

Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP)
<aMaendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP) is a Non Governmental Organization that pursues sustainable development. Its Vision focus at facilitating realization of people’s aspiration and sustainable development that meet social, cultural, economic and ecological needs. MEAP’s Mission is to foster participatory community development through capacity building, resource mobilization, education and information.
The idea to establish MEAP started in late 2007 to catalyze community consciousness and action to enthusiastically participate in their development processes.

Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program(MEAP)
Elijah Kimani Mwaura
P.O. Box 881 – 20106
Cellphone: +254 0723765644, 0733 281101

Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW)

Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) based in Junction City, Oregon, USA. FKSW works in partnership with people in rural Kenyan communities to improve the educational opportunities for the children and adults. We believe that a basic education is the right of every person; improves an
Individual’s self-sufficiency and quality of life; is critical for economic and social development; and provides the means for people to become contributing members of local, national and international communities. FKSW strives to raise awareness among people outside of Africa about the economic and educational needs in these communities specifically, and in Kenya in general.

FKSW is registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization,
*EIN # 20-1154327.* The offices of FKSW are at:
95363 Grimes Rd., Junction City, OR, 97448, USA.
Our email address is:

Slow Food Central Rift Convivium

Central Rift convivium is local chapter for the international Slow Food movement. The philosophy is anchored on celebrating “Good”, “Clean” and “Fair”. The food we eat should taste good, should be produced and served in a clean manner both in hygiene and environmentally and the producers and everybody involved in the food chain should be compensated adequately for their work.

The convivium has 137 members currently and is based in the districts in central Rift Valley that include Molo, Nakuru, Naivasha, Baringo and Kericho. The members are drawn from people of all walks of life including school teachers, food producers, bankers, journalists, business people etc. Everybody who eats food is eligible to be member.

The convivium collaborates and partners with local civil society organizations in:-

– School garden projects
– Building partnership between small scale food producers and chefs of food outlets
– Organizing food and seed fairs and taste events for quality food
– Organizing forums for out-of-school youth. From learning in these forum, 6 students from Kenya have learned about, applied and been enrolled at the university of Gastronomic sciences in Italy.

Several food communities and chefs have participated in Terra Madre 2004 and 2008-World meeting of food communities and a few others plus some youth will be participating in Terra Madre 2008.

Contact Convivium Leaders via email

Biodiversity Conservation Association (BCA)
Biodiversity Conservation Association (BCA) is a civil society organization with membership of CBOs and Learning Institutions in Kenya. BCA priority intervention areas include the major water towers of Kenya that apart from being rich in biodiversity they are also critical ecosystems depended upon for their services and value as water catchments, biodiversity areas, environment and economic potential . BCA has been oprerating in Mau Forest complex and its members spread within Kericho, Nakuru, Koibatek, Uasin Gishu and Nandi districts.
Josphat Muhihu Muta
Nanak House, Opp Nation Center
02nd floor room no 206
P.O BOX 28161 – 00200
Nairobi, Kenya.

Muungano Community Development Organization (MUCODO)
Muungano Community Development Organization (MUCODO) is a non governmental organization that focus at facilitating communities to undertake development and realize aspirations through participatory processes and capacity building
Muungano Community Development Organization
Mr Gichohu
P.O. Box 2375- 00200 City Square, Nairobi
Tel: 020 3865656, 051 721434
Cellphones: 0724 405334, 0722 824922

Global Call against Poverty
The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is a growing alliance of trade unions, community groups, faith groups, women and youth organizations, NGOs and other campaigners working together across more than 100 national platforms. GCAP is calling for action from the world’s leaders to meet their promises to end poverty and inequality. In particular, we demand solutions that address the issues of Public accountability, just governance and the fulfillment of human rights Trade justice A major increase in the quantity and quality of aid and financing for development Debt cancellation Gender equality must also be at the heart of eradicating poverty.

Global Call to Action Against Poverty
P.O. Box 63068 – 00200
Tel: +254 20 23567245
P.O. box 581-20106
Tel: +254 51 721048

Centre for Rural Support Initiatives (CERSI)

Centre for Rural Support Initiatives (CERSI) is a community based organization registered under the NGO Act. CERSI is a national organization operating in 4 districts ie Nairobi, the larger Molo, Koibatek and Nakuru North. CERSI endeavours to empower the community through provision of entrepreneurship and vocational training with a bias towards the youth.
CERSI also strives to build the capacity of the local community.

Centre for Rural Support Initiatives (CERSI)
Moses N. Gachiri
P.O. Box 581 – 20106

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK)

The National Council of Churches of Kenya is a programme of the collaborative churches i.e. the Episcopal Protestants churches. It covers all the regions and extensive areas which include North, Central and South Rift Valley, Eastern, Central, Coast, Nyanza, Western and Nairobi regions. In the Rift Valley this region is characterized by ethnic diversities, which give NCCK a rich mix of beneficiaries as their target groups. It has roots and mandate in the Bible and the social teachings of the Christina religion.

NCCK is involved in training and advocacy for human rights, civic education, conflict management, gender and governance. Such initiatives are aimed at empowering the lay Christians at the parishes and the community level with knowledge and expertise that empowers them to know and demand their human obligations.

The NCCK has central theme of justice, peace and human rights with the call for the beneficiaries to take control of their lives. The plan has three strategic aims
-To promote and uphold community services
-To enhance and support good governance
-To promote societies harmony and peace building
The Nakuru NCCK plans a set out of these strategies which can be achieved through a combination of approaches such as partnerships, involvement of beneficiaries, staff skill development as well as improving the structures and systems.

Carlos Njogu
+254 725 4942072

Gender Equity Network

Gender Equity Network (Ge-net) is a non governmental organisation that was formerly registered in 2002 to champion for gender equity and democratic governance. Other areas of intervention include poverty alleviation efforts, environment conservation, prevention of waterborne diseases, HIV/AIDS education and awareness and monitoring government development effort and adult literacy.  Ge-Net has actively participated in peace building through local dialogues. It has also been working together with local organisations as well as national networks.

Contact person: Liza C. Chelule                                                    

Postal Address: P.O. Box 97 – 20131 Keringet

Cell phone: 0720601130

Email Address:

Kuresoi Kipsigis Council of Elders

Kuresoi Kipsigis council of Elders was founded and formerly registered in 2007. The purpose of founding the organisation was to harness the institution of the Kipsigis Community to continue taking charge of guiding the community on matters of importance especially on cultural issues, sustainable development, and intergeneration knowledge transfer to younger generations, biodiversity and environmental conservation using viable cultural, indigenous and scientific strategies. Further the organisation focused at fostering peace and coexistence among different communities as well as undertaking poverty alleviation initiatives so as to reduce suffering among the community members, reduce vulnerability and Facilitate them lead a dignified life.

Contact person: Josiah K. Chepkwony

P.O. Box 258 -20152 Olenguruone

Cell phone 0726-749657

Email: or

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