The last general elections in Kenya were held on Thursday the 27th of December 2007. On 30th December 2007 at about 5.30 p.m,the Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu announced Mwai Kibaki as the winner of the presidential polls, after which Mwai Kibaki was sworn in as the President. The results were disputed with both political parties ODM(Orange Democratic Movement) and PNU(Party of National Unity) claiming to have won the elections. After the swearing in ceremony,skirmishes erupted in many parts of the country especially in Rift Valley, Nairobi, Nyanza, Western and parts of Coastal Provinces in Kenya. An estimated 1000 lives were lost, about half a million people were displaced from their homes and property worth millions of shillings was destroyed. The displaced camped in school compounds, churches, show grounds, police stations and stadiums among other places.

remains of a torched house in Nyakinyua  Molo

Hot spots for the violence included:-
Kibera in Nairobi
Eldoret in Uasin Gishu
Molo District in Central Rift Valley
Kisumu in Nyanza Province
Nakuru and Naivasha in Rift Valley

Some of the incidences that followed included burning of a church in Eldoret, houses were torched, death of two Members of Parliament and uprise of militia groups eg Mungiki. Even food in stores and mature crop in the field was burnt and livestock lost during the violence.

Molo District has an estimate of 96,600 families which translates into a population of 546,000. Among them, 40,036 families which is about 41% of the population were displaced with 14,036 families living in camps and about 26,000 families seeking refuge from relatives and friends while others rented small houses in the urban centres.
Camps in Molo District are in urban centres of Keringet, Olenguruone, Molo Town, Turi, Njoro, Mau Summit, Elburgon, Kuresoi and Total.

In Molo Town and its vicinity the camps are at Good News Church, Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, Kenya Assemblies of God Church, Charismata Church, Seventh Day Advestist Church, Full Gospel Church, Moto Primary School, Pyrethrum Board of Kenya Godown, Apostolic Church, Baraka Agricultural College and Molo Police Station.

Immediate effects of the violence and displacement are :-
maize burnt in a store after harvesting
(a) children dropping out of school
(b) food dependency
(c) shortage of water and medicine
(d) health problems
(e) increase in social vices
(f) family separation
(g) loss of property
(i) mistrust among the concerned communities
(j) interruptions in schools
(k) trauma