Molo River Survey

According to hydrologist the hydrological cycle makes it clear that if one of the components is destroyed the cycle does not exist anymore. The gap created marks a severe end of something and a harsh struggle existence of the next. Lets taken for instance Forest are detached from the cycle what comes about. What happen is that nature will take its course to reverse the state. This sounds simple in theory but complex in state. Who is to digest this and come up with a remedy to avoid the crash? This is a case experienced after a massive destruction of the Mau forest that has left a number of gaps like drying up of river, reduced rainfall, Drought, lack of sufficient and clean water, and loss of bio-diversity. Another concept that draws me close to the why others live and others survive is because water is life.
As a result MISCC took the initiative to conduct a baseline survey of the Molo River. Survey has so far highlighted the status of Molo River that finally will deliver a report which will assist in coming up with a remedy to save the river. Flowing down from the Mau Complex, the Molo River has served citizens of the Rift Valley for hundreds of years. Over the approximately 100 km length that the river covers from the Mau Forest to Lake Baringo, this waterway is a primary source of livelihood amongst the communities it flows through the sub-catchments. The communities’ main sources of livelihood in this region are livestock keeping and agriculture, which both depend heavily on water availability. An example of how the current harsh conditions is causing suffering can be witnessed in a number of case studies conducted by the survey team along the sub-catchments which give pictures of the current drought that has hit the region, gradually increasing along the Molo River from the upper catchment to the lower catchment. The drought has left animal and plants dead and threatened human life as all struggles for sustainability.


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