Farmers Exposure Visit to Ol Joro Orok Agricultural Training Centre on 18th March 2009

During the month of March, NECOFA in collaboration with FKSW organized a trip for 34 farmers to Nyandarua for exposure to learn on new and appropriate technology to alleviate hunger and poverty hence uplift their livelihood. The visit drew participants from Mau Narok, Lare, Kuresoi, Keringet, Molo and Olenguruone divisions of Molo district. The group also consisted of 4K-Club patrons from different schools, community members, representatives from community based organizations and opinion leaders.

During the exposure, participants had an opportunity to learn on value adding on farm produce mainly tomatoes production in green houses with a view of ensuring high returns in a controlled environment to save on water and mitigating on prevalence of diseases. A field trip was organized to one of the farmers in Nyahururu (Kifathi area) who had adopted the green house technology on his farm. The exposure enlightened farmers on maximizing production even in small portion of land. A 15m x 6m structure of greenhouse planted with tomatoes (Anna brand) earns a farmer more than Kshs 180,000/- per crop.


Financing Strategy/Proposal Writing Workshop between 25th & 27th March 2009

Group session

Group session

MISCC organized a Financing Strategy/Proposal writing workshop between 25th and 27th March 2009. It drew participants from MISCC lead organizations, community members, and teachers. They were exposed to basic proposal writing skills, strategies to develop public image, financing options, common flaws/mistakes in proposal writing among other topics. Towards the end of the workshop, participants identified the need for input on budget making, reporting, monitoring & evaluation, which would be organized later with time.