MISCC Strategic Planning Workshop

group session duringworkshopMISCC held a strategic planning workshop as from 3rd – 7th February 2009 at Cofeg Hall Molo. The workshop drew 20 participants from different organizations that form MISCC including Network for Ecofarming in Africa (NECOFA), Friend Kenya Schools and Wildlife, Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP) and National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), other institutions and organization represented were different primary and secondary schools, ministry of agriculture as well as community groups. The workshop aimed at training participants and producing strategic plan document for MISCCC. During the workshop, participants had an opportunity to learn on various subjects among them:- strategic management, problem analysis, stakeholder analysis, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, developing vision, values, mission and overall goal and developing work plan.A participant making a presentation Participants were given an opportunity to give feedback to organizers of the workshop and it emerged that the workshop met expectation and provided skills in planning. Participants were happy to have the planning skills and said that they would share the same with colleagues with a view furthering the training as well as mainstreaming use of the skills in their respective organizations. The workshop participants were grateful to organizers and thanked them for offering the opportunity. The workshop participants agreed that a comprehensive report on the workshop proceedings and a strategic plan document will be produced shortly. The team charged with the responsibility of producing the report decided to produce the report in form of a planning manual that would be shared among the participants as reference document in future planning. Group photo of the participantsTowards the end of the workshop a need for more workshops and specifically on proposal writing and monitoring and evaluation was identified. It was agreed necessary arrangement will be made and participants invited for the subsequent workshop(s).


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