Karunga Women Group gets exposure at Lake Nakuru National Park

It was all joy for the Karunga Women Group from Elburgon to visit the Lake Nakuru National Park on 10th January 2009. The trip was organized in relation to the Molo Lamb and Wool project by Network for Ecofarming in Africa (NECOFA) and their partners Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW). In the project, communities spin the wool and knit animal dolls, rags and baskets among other items for income generation and at the same time for skill development and transfer to the younger generation.
This was meant to assist the women come up with better products in future. The women had an opportunity to see the animals which they had been knitting but they had not seen them physically. They have been copying pictures from books and photos; but now they are expected to do much better after the visit. The trip was supported by Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife who market the wool products in USA.