Consultative Forum on 10th December 2008

cross-section-of-participants-in-the-forumBetween 3rd October and 10th December when MISCC held the last consultative forum, participants in MISCC meetings were charged with the responsibility of convening peace meetings in the various administrative divisions of Molo district that they come from. Among the meetings that were successfully held included:

  • Elburgon division peace meeting on 14th October 2008 that brought together 26 participants from the different villages
  • Kuresoi division peace meeting on 7th November 2008 which had 39 participants
  • Keringet division peace meeting on 14th November 2008 with 26 participants from the various villages
  • Olenguruone peace marathon on 28th November 2008 which attracted 64 athletes.  flagging-off-athletes-at-kitagich-tea-factoryThis event was organised by the Kuresoi Kipsigis council of Elders and supported by MISCC, National Bank of Kenya, Kenya Women Finance Trust, EMO and Kiptagich Tea Factory. Over 3,000 people attended the classic ceremony at the Olenguruone stadium among them government representatives,  church representatives, Councilors, School principals.

During the forum on 10th December 2008, participants were glad to report that the local peace meetings held have had positive impact on reintegration and gradually economic growth is recovering.

The next meeting was scheduled to be held in early February 2009.  Meanwhile, other divisions that had not been able to organize peace meetings were advised to do so and report back on the progress during the next meeting.


Kamara Division held their peace meeting on 19th December 2008 at Mau Summit.


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