MISCC participates in World Food Day Event

              World Food Day which is celebrated annually on 16th October was held at Kiptagich in Olenguruone. The event was organized by the Molo District Stakeholders’ Forum led by the Molo District Agricultural Office and brought together exhibitors from financial institutions e.g. Equity Bank, Faulu Kenya among others and farmer groups.

MISCC showcased stinging nettle and mushrooms and promoted the idea of growing crops organically and reminded people on the use of indigenous foods, quoting their advantage on nutritional and medicinal value.




Elburgon Division Peace Meeting

MISCC held its monthly forum on 3rd October 2008.  It was agreed in this forum that participants from different divisions organise peace meetings in their localities, to spread the message of peace.

            Led by Lucy Ndungu, Johnson Kimotho, John Kemoi and Teresa Kitakita, all from Elburgon division of Molo District who have been participating in MISCC forums, organized a peace meeting on 14th October 2008.  The meeting brought together 26 participants from different parts of the division, among them the Community Development Assistant-Elburgon Division, men, women, youth and the clergy.




            . They noted that Tegat village in Elburgon was not affected by the violence.   Retired Senior Chief John Thogoto emphasized on triple “P” –  Peace, Progress and Prosperity which are interdependent.

            Participants unanimously agreed that peace is necessary for any development to take place. The way forward was to preach peace in their different areas.




School Pupils Provide Support to IDPs

Students, teachers and workers of Njenga Karume Secondary in Molo organized and led by school

Felista Njeri during the ceremony

Felista Njeri during the ceremony

teacher Mr Njoroge came to the support of Felista Njeri and her family who are IDPs in molo saw mill camp. Mr Njoroge had heard about the plight of Felista and her family on Inooro radio ( a Kikuyu vernacular FM radio station) on 22nd September 2008 morning.

Felista and her husband are HIV/AIDS positive and have five children.





Students follow the proceedings of the ceremony

Students follow the proceedings of the ceremony




  After the birth of their twin babies early in the year during the ethnic violence, they have been camping at Saw mill IDP camp. They hailed form Keringet centre but did not own land or plot.  In Keringet the family lives in rented premises and farmed on leased land.  They are still at the saw mill IDP camp, not sure where to go.



While it is true ARVs are readily available and free in the government hospital nutrition is a major challenge and concern for the ailing couple and their children.  The family hardly has enough food and nutrition especially for the little children.



Student representative giving his speech


Upon hearing the plight of the family, Mr Njoroge galvanized the students, teachers, school workers to donate food and other materials for Felista and family.  The donation which included foodstuffs, clothes, blankets and some money were handed over to Felista and her children in an occasion at Njenga Karume secondary school provided by the school Board of governors Chairman Mr Nyoro and the head teacher Mr Watenga and witnessed by the school fraternity and MISCC officials.



“By involving the youth in positive actions, we invest in posterity in the future.”