MISCC and other stakeholders

MISCC personnel visited the    farmers along Molo Kamwaura route together with the District Agricultural Personnel on 5th June 2008.  They urged to form groups for easy access of information and services. Such groups would also facilitate ease in marketing of farm produce such as peas which do very well in that area. 


MISCC participated in a food fair event organized by Sustainable Agriculture Convivium in the central part of Kenya which is a Slow Food Chapter on 13th June 2008. The event brought together exhibitors and participants from the community and organizations. The event was attended by the local government officials among them Chiefs, Ministry of Agriculture personnel and civil society organizations e.g. Youth Action for Rural Development (YARD), Community Sustainable Development Program(COSDEP)Sustainable Agriculture Community Develpment Prgram(SACDEP) and Participatory Ecological Land Use Management(PELUM). Local communities exhibited traditional foods and herbs.  This displayed a wealth of traditional knowledge from the communities which needs to be integrated in community development processes.


Between 26th and 27th June 2008, MISCC distributed seeds of peas and vegetables to farmer groups in Tegea, Kio, Githima, Sondu River, Cheptagum, Sinendet and Jogoo.  The idea was to ensure seed multiplication for the next season and eventual formation of revolving credit fund for the groups. During the seed distribution exercise MISCC interviewed Mr Elijah Kimani, an Agribusiness Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture who was supervising ploughing of land for the IDPs, which is a government initiative who informed them that by then 314.5 acres had been ploughed benefiting 293 farmers from Kamara, Keringet and Kuresoi Divisions of Molo District.



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