Remnant Camps Visit

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Between 26th and 28th May 2008 MISCC team visited IDPS who remained behind in camps within Molo Town .The camps included KAG, PAG, SDA, Charismata, Good News and Molo Saw mill.

“I was living at Kapsita farm in Elburgon, I own no land nor house because I depended on hiring both house and land. I lost all I had; where do I go?” Asked Margaret Wanjiku at PAG Camp .The visiting MISCC team found that most of the MISCC discussing with remnants at PAG campremnant IDPS were landless mostly from Molo District. Others were from as far as Kisumu, Kapsabet and Kericho among other places where they were business people. They too lost everything including their business and have now no where to go nor capital to restart their businesses. The remaining few comprises of those who are afraid of insecurity while others are concerned about their school going children who are already schooling in Molo and they are not willing to discontinue them.

MISCC team advised them to form a committee and consult the DC’s on government plans regarding landless and business people.

The team a also visited Moto, Kambala , St Mary’s and Tayari Primary schools which were supported with desks. The teachers appreciated the support and said that the desks have eased learning as pupils sitting condition has been enhanced.

Class in session at Moto Primary. MISCC supported them with desks<

The pupils were also grateful “We are glad for the desks and we welcome you back for more support in future” said Jane Njeri aged 13, a Std 7 class prefect in Tayari primary school.


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