The Visit To Jogoo, Total, and Mau Summit On 21st May 2008

Jogoo is located 12 kms from Molo Town and about 3.8km from Total Junction.  Jogoo boarders: Mlima, Rironi farms and farming is main means of livelihood and income generation.

            Jogoo school is 1.5 kms from the main road of Nakuru – Eldoret road and it has hosted Despite challenges at Jogoo primary school camp, this old man is busy making handles for hoes to make a livingsome of the many displaced persons who have relocated from the sawmill camp and other areas when violence broke out.  Mr. Njoroge is the head-teacher who has returned to Jogoo primary school to assess the damage meted on it and the surrounding farms early in the year. The school had 716 pupils before the violence but only 20 have returned.  The IDP’s who now camp at the school near their farms have been pleading for assistance especially tents and food since they relocated here on 9th May 2008.

Impact of violence on school


            Destruction/looting of school property had included:-

                        – Removal School windows for most classrooms

                        – vandalizing of electricity gadgets and cables

                        – Removal of roofing materials i.e. iron sheets on classrooms  

                        – Destruction of desks

                        – Burning of exam room/resource center

                        – Removal and destruction of books from library          



            The pupils from Jogoo primary were transferred or absorbed in Even wild vegetation seemed to know the place was deserted! They overgrew the signboard.schools in Molo but a number are returning only to find their school occupied by the refugees. The nursery school is running and has 20 children of between 5-7 years and the enrolment is growing. Some pupils from Jogoo village have been absorbed in Koige School. Mrs. Roselida Kakai who is a nursery school teacher said that, children had not been able to return since many parents wish to assess security situation first before bringing their children over.


The visit         

            MISCC team explained the purpose for the visit as following up and monitoring how the IDPs were coping in the “new” environment; access to food and other supplies; benefits of being near home and challenges faced. The camps leader Mr. David Kahwae explained some benefits of being near their homes

         They are glad to be near home.

         They are able to gather vegetables from their plots for preparing meals.

         They feel the essence of belonging at Jogoo place and are able to meet as a community. Mr. Njoroge headmaster of Jogoo said, “We have been able to come together as people of Jogoo and share with each other as neighbors.”  He also said that they were welcoming ideas and advise from all well-wishers.

The camps leader lamented that they had not been able to meet the local administrators to discuss the challenges facing them and integration process. They have engaged the services of the local authority politician to help arrange meetings with the administrators.

Some of them challenges facing them include

                Insufficient utensils and other items

         Inadequate   food

         Suspicion between communities


 Pondering on the next move, these women seem to consider as they prepare a meal at Jogoo Primary School camp!The visiting team advised the community to cultivate peace and harmonies coexistence for community development and positive future for their children. The cited examples of other areas where integration, peace and reconciliation process was gaining ground eg . Sundu River.


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