“Operation back home” At last Kuresoi Division IDPs are closer to their farms


Every Journey starts with a single step, which determines the MISCC team discussing with IDPs at Kio centredestination. The IDPs in Kuresoi Division of Molo District are proud and appreciate being closer to their farms even as they face other challenges. On 20th May 2008 MISCC team made a fact finding trip on resettlement of the IDPs, benefits and challenges facing them as they settled.

Kuresoi Division was a “hot spots” during the violence that left behind property torched, destroyed and looted and many people displaced.

 At Tegea Centre where the team found IDPS filling in forms on losses and damages at the chief’s camp. Among them were those who came back from Molo camps and those who had remained behind.  “We are happy to camp near our homes but we have no farm tools, seeds nor fertilizers for our farms” said Mama Jack. She further said that food was still a challenge, though they are able to get some vegetables and potatoes from their farms.

The team also met Mr. Makori the chief for Mkulima location who expressed appreciation for support given to IDPS but further added, “water is not a problem in this area, we would rather be supported with farming tools, equipments, seed and fertilizer to help the farmers restart their farming” He went on to say “if a child starts walking, the mother leaves him and watches him walk.” He explained that he had registered over 2500 residents living within the centre and life was gradually returning to normal. The chief further emphasized on the need to revitalize the pyrethrum enterprise for faster economic recovery. Mkulima primary school with student capacity of 300 has only three teachers who can hardly cope with the learning demand for the students. Some students especially candidates for standard 8 and form 4 have were left behind in Molo town schools.

To Kio and Githima Centres, about 40 km from Molo, the team was accompanied by Mr. Kosgey from the Ministry of Livestock Development who is part of peace and reconciliation initiative in the areaYoung Mwangi prepares lunch for his siblings at Githima Camp. The IDPs at this camp confessed that they received warm welcome from their neighbours upon arrival back from Molo. They further said that they were now able to access their farms are able to source food and firewood from there. Water is plenty and some are generating income through harvesting of pyrethrum which they sell to the local traders after drying. Children are back in Kio primary school which has thirteen teachers and 300 pupils.

The most pressing challenge for these people was leaking roof for their temporary residence, which is a public hall located at the shopping centre. “We are suffering from cold and the roof is leaking” lamented one grandmother. She further added that when it rains they have to congest themselves in one corner. Towards alleviating this situation, MISCC has purchased 10 irons sheets and paid for the labour for the repair. Mr Kosgey is supervising the repair work.


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