Visits To Village IDPsCamps On Molo-Sitoito Route

IDPs camping at Kamuri trading centre close to their farms queue for water MISCC members continued to follow up and monitor the IDPs resettlement, which is a step towards returning their farms and more food production.
On 16/5/008 the team took to Sitoito route with first stop at Kamuri trading centre in Temoyetta Block 5 farm as well as Rwang’ondu farm. Their 14-tents camp is by the roadside, where the team engaged with the “Camp” Chair Mr. Nahashon Ngari and other members in conversation. The IDPs came to this camp on 9th May and were happy to be near their homes since they are able to access their farms, get some vegetables and ‘volunteer’ potatoes. “It is unlikely for children to sleep hungry since we get some food from the farms.” said Mr. Nahashon. “We are less congested here unlike in Molo and the air and environment are fresher,” added another member. Their children are yet to rejoin school since Ndege primary school has not reopened. Ndege nursery school is operating and parents are making arrangements for their children to join it. The farmers identified lack of farm inputs (seeds and fertilizers) and farm tools as main challenge as they embark to resettle back on their farms.

The MISCC team also visited Kenjoketty camp where only 2 families had tents, while others are accommodated by well-wishers or rented small rooms in the centre. They also said that they are happy to be near their farms despite the hard times. They are able to get fresh food like vegetables and this reduces dependence on food aid and contributes to improved nutrition for their families. Food supply by government and well-wishers has not been forthcoming and at time of visit the camp had not received any food since coming back.
Mr. Wilson Ongesa ( an IDP) said that he had not camped in Molo but stayed at the centre but he had remained behind at Kenjoketty centre. He said that, they too should be considered for support together with other IDPs.

A woman gives her views at Sundu River camp IDPs returned back to Sundu River centre (in camp) from Molo on 7th May where the neighbours (previously ‘adversaries’) received them and gave them food. This gesture was surprising for the incoming IDPs but was good entry point for peace building. The IDPs are happy to have family reunion and the warring groups have had meetings on peace and reconciliation. By being closer to their farms they are now able to get firewood collected from their own farms. They too lack farming inputs, equipments, and beddings and request for support.
The MISCC team was impressed by the developments in the resettlement and proceeded towards Sitoito and made a stop at Arimi Camp where they found some IDPS who had returned. They too said being near home, where food was available and free, was the best gift from the government. The team continued to Sitoito centre where they learned that most of the IDPs are housed by those who remained behind during the violence. While security has been beefed up, some areas are still volatile and unaccessable including Ndeffo , Kenya Nguirobi, Kariba and Cheponde.

At the Cheptagum Primary School camp, the team met Mr. Richard Nyakoe and others who happened to have been at SDA Camp in Molo. They had returned on 5th May and 100 families of Cheptagum Farm are camping at the school. There was joy as the IDPs met the visiting team with the former appreciating the visit as true “comradeship” and partnership. The IDPs requested the visiting team to assist them in informing well wishers provide them with farm inputs, farm tools and other support.
“The school has very low number of pupils i.e 270 while the capacity is 600 pupils” said Mr. Abel Otwori the Deputy Head teacher who was also present during the visit. Peace building, reconciliation and integration with the other community has started. The visiting team encouraged the communities to meet regularly to dialogue and reconcile.


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