Molo IDPs Appreciate Support in Style

It is human nature to remember and voice it when they are wronged or denied but few remember to appreciate when supported or assisted.  Molo IDPs have astonished many including members of the MISCC who have been following up and monitoring the resettlement programme which has brought the IDPs to camps in their village from where they are able to access their farms.

            When the team visited Nyakinyua village on Thursday 15th May 2008, it met Tabitha Wangechi who benefited from baby care support provided by MISCC when she was preparing for maternity as she resided at Good News camp in Molo town.  She received among other items napkins, towels, baby shawls, baby clothes, soaps and baby oil.  When later she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, she decided to name the boy “Samuel Muhunyu” after the Country Coordinator for NECOFA who was also coordinating support by MISCC. 

            At Cheptagum school camp on Friday 16th May, the team was again surprised when the camp IDP’s brought close to 100 kg potatoes as gift to the team in appreciation for the support provided by MISCC.  The potatoes were part of the volunteer crops they had harvested from their farms upon return. 

            The two gestures and the many “thank you” messages that MISCC has received from IDPs and schools are clear manifestation of gratitude and positive values still treasured by the recipients after going through very hard times.    


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