Re-Establishing Upendo Nursery School

MISCC meeting with Upendo Nursery school parentsMISCC established 6 nursery schools in camps to provide learning and feeding opportunity for children between 3 and 5 years. Now that the families are relocating to smaller camps near their farms it is monitoring the resettlement programme and also schooling opportunities for the children.

Upendo Primary School is located from Molo town and 2km from Kangawa marrum road along Molo-Mau Summit Road. The school was funded by the farmers who settled at Kangawa-Upendo farm. The school has capacity 450 pupils 9in classes one to eight) but currently only 100 pupils have reported back.MISCC official, Mr Gadson(Headteacher) and Elizabeth (Teacher, Upendo Nursery) shae a light moment outside the nursery
The school has two sections primary and nursery. The primary section receives support from the government in the free education programme while parents are expected to support the nursery school section. The nursery section has 45 children ranging between 3-5 years but the parents are not in a position to support it. In meeting with parents, shortage of learning materials: chalks, books, text books, drawing charts, marking pencils, files and 2 teachers’ allowances were identified and MISCC was requested to assist. MISCC provided the materials on Tuesday 20th May and learning commenced. The head teacher Mr. Gadson Mwaniki of Upendo primary thanked MISCC for the gesture and further Presentation of stationery at Upendo Nursery Schoolindicated that the actio0n would help lay good foundation for learning for the children next year in class one. MISCC will support the nursery for short period until the parents are able to take over responsibility (when they have harvested and possibly sold crops). The parents unanimously elected Mr. Mwangi to chair the nursery and promised to cooperate to ensure smooth implementation of the project. A representative of NCCK/ UNICEF (another support agency) promised to support the school with recreational equipments.


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