Operation “Rudi Nyumbani”

Rift Valley PC flags off Operation Rudi Nyumbani

    Operation “Rudi Nyumbani” which literally means ‘operation go home’ was launched on Monday 5th May 2008 to assist Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) return to their farms and homes. For many this was very emotional return home after more than four months in exile (refugee camps, rental premises and staying with relatives).  IDPs learn how to pitch a tent at Kiambogo Farm(Molo) after resettlementIt also means restarting life altogether and a future not very easy to predict.

   In Molo District the operation was flagged off by the Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner Mr. Noor Hassan Noor and witnessed by several senior ranking officials.  It is being implemented by the Kenya Army supported by the police and other support agencies.Army officers assist IDPs to board a lorry

     In many situations the IDPs are not actually returning to their farms and homes since many were burnt down, vandalized and looted during the violence.  It is more like decentralizing the big camps in urban areas to smaller ones near their farms so that they can access the farms from close proximity. It is expected that while in this “stop-gap” camps they will be able to: 

  • access their farms and harvest whatever volunteer Security officers guarding Kiambogo village after resettlementcrops therein
  • participate in peace and reconciliation forums
  • prepare their land and establish crop
  • reconstruct their homesteads
  • With others be able to reconstruct the schools, health facilities and other community institutions
  • Access group and individual psycho-social services
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